Friends Forever……

Having done my job since 2005, I have had the honour and privilege of being contacted by bridesmaids from weddings I’ve done previously, asking me if I will now get them ready to be a bride. This is what you call Job satisfaction and I’d like to tell you the story of one of those bridesmaids.


This beautiful girl tells the story of best friend bridesmaid (twice!) and finally the bride. She is now a Mum to Niamh and continuing to dazzle.

I first met Vanessa back in 2010 when she was a bridesmaid for the lovely Sarah. Sarah’s wedding stuck in my mind as wonderfully colourful, a country vibe with stunning flowers. Sarah will feature in another one of our stories as she and I now cross paths in the Wedding industry. I heard all about what a truly awesome friend Vanessa was in planning a killer hen weekend to being a very soothing presence on the day.

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About 3 years later, Lydia got in touch. She said that Vanessa had recommended us and would we be free to beautify her on her wedding day? Of course we were delighted. One thing I remember about Lydia’s trial was that she turned up with one request from her fiancé: could she please wear a bright lip. I fell in love with this guy too and you can see why, just look at how stunning Lydia looked on her wedding day with the lipstick to make those blue eyes pop. Mr Lydia – If you ever want a career change, you’ve got a job with us! Recognise one of the bridesmaids? There she is, clearly a loved and valued friend by many and everyone’s best woman, Vanessa.

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I make no effort to hide my obsession with weddings. One of the hundreds of things I love about them is how they mark great friendships. Vanessa’s story highlights this perfectly. There was Sarah, ready to make Vanessa’s Big Day feel as special has hers had been and I get to watch it all from the side-lines. What an honour. As you can see, Vanessa is a direct descendant from Snow White so it wasn’t hard to make her look beautiful. It was the first time I met Miki Photography too, whose pictures I love and have met them on weddings since. They have made it on to my recommended suppliers list. Fast forward another 5 years and Vanessa is a happily married woman. Sarah is now a wedding florist with her own company Flora and Bee. There will be more about Sarah and her other bridesmaid, Rebecca, whose wedding I was also privileged enough to be a part of in another article.

Here’s to the power and beauty of female friendships (oh, and marriage of course!)

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